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Comradeship Association of the 11th Armored Division
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I respectfully greet you on the website of the Comradeship Association of the 11th Armored Division!
Have a pleasant time while browsing our website!
 The Comradeship Association of the 11th Armored Division is a social organization what’s top priority is to provide the requirements of close cooperation between the active personnel, the retired personnel and the commissioned, non-commissioned personnel in the legal descendant of the 11th Armored Divison.
The Association wishes to increase the weight of national defense in society, enhancing acknowledgement for the soldiers, and to increase their role in public life.
Our accentuated goal is the legal defense of active and the retired soldiers and the attendance of tanking traditions.
Our goal also is to help retired soldiers in their everyday life, remembering their name-day and birthdays too. We are at their service by providing them social visits, proper entertainment, documentaries, legal- and social insurance counsel and management of holiday cheques.
We’d also like to regularly partake in programs set up by either the town or by other comradeship associations.
The Association is operating as a public benefit organisation (KHT in hungarian) in the city of Tata since 2010. The association actions and operations are backed up by the local government and the Hungarian Ministry of National Defense through its local organizations and by centrally. These are completed by membership fees and support from competitions and sponsors.
The association supports the cause of national defense, built on the ideal of patriotism. It also invigorates the spirit of comradeship and helps maintaining military and historical traditions.
The association also supports the improvement of our members literacy. Plus we set up free-time activities and excursions.
During our activities we lay emphasis on discretion, guidance, comradeship and respectfulness towards traditions what connect multiple generations and organisations.
The number of our contributors is perpetually growing and they are doing their job with unmatched and moving vocation.
Our association serves the entire “tanking-community”, including pensioners from Tata, all ground forces, all retired member of the 11th Armored Division and all active members at the Division’s legal descendant. We’d like to achieve to spread our discount opportunities to reach everyone interested in them. Because of that we are promoting these services on multiple forums. We welcome the freshly retired too.
Our association is open for the ground forces, especially who serves in the 11th Armored division or in it’s legal descendant, may it be commissioned, non-commissioned, reservist or enlisted, pensioners and their families and all sympathisant who can understand our goals.
In the name of the board, see you soon!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       László Sass
Retired Lieutenant Colonel
Chairman of Association
TAX Number: 18038921-1-11 Bank Account Number: 63200267-11045359
International Bank Account Number: HU81 6320 0267 1104 5359
 Mail Address: Sass László 2899 Naszály, Fenyves u. 22. Mobile Phone Number: +36 20 428 2457